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Ace the CISSN Exam with GIFTED Academics’ Self-Led Online Course!

Designed by expert instructors with experience in the field, our certification exam preparation online courses are designed to bring students from baseline to certified in 12-14 weeks, much quicker than other self-paced options.

This self guided, 100% online course is your one-stop-shop for CISSN Exam Preparation, including video lectures from our expert instructors and slide downloads for each chapter, lifetime access to all course materials, auto-graded sample midterm & final exams, and access to the course via both web & mobile on the Kajabi learning platform.

Additionally, you can purchase packages that include Virtual 1-on-1 Instructor Review Sessions for more personalized guidance. During these sessions, you can discuss the course material, receive assistance with any sections you are struggling with, and have any questions you have about the exam answered.

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With our exclusive partnership with the ISSN, you can purchase our Self-Led Online Course and CISSN Exam access for a reduced rate as a Professional ISSN Member. If you need to become a member, visit this link.  With this bundle, the cost of the ISSN Membership, Exam Access, and our Self-Led Online Course combined is cheaper than if you choose to take the exam alone as a non-member!

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What is the CISSN Certification?

“Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition – the CISSN is the premier certification in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation. The CISSN is a collaborative effort from dozens of research scientists (PhDs) who have both research and practical experience in the field of sports nutrition. There are other certifications in the marketplace; however, none were devised by dozens of scientists who have done actual research in our field. We are constantly updating the exam to reflect new findings in the field. So if you want to get certified by the individuals who have done the actual research, then the CISSN is your clear choice.

What Does This Course Include?

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Video Lectures from Our Expert Instructors

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Lecture Slide Downloads for Each Chapter

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Lifetime Access to the All Course Materials

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Auto-Graded Sample Midterm & Final Exams

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Access The Course via Both Web & Mobile

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1-on-1 Instructor Review Sessions Available

CISSN Chapter 1 Lecture Preview

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Course Instructors

Ryan Zeisloft Headshot - CEO, Head Coach & Instructor
Ryan Zeisloft

Ryan aka The Squatfather™️ has over 10 years of experience training and competing in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting. In his time at UCF, Ryan worked in the Human Performance Lab as well as the Wayne Densch Athletic Complex.

Dr. Katie Dabrowski Headshot - Director of Academics & Instructor
Dr. Katie Dabrowski

Dr. Katie Dabrowski is a physical therapist, strength coach, and co-owner of Old Bull Athletics, a one-on-one hybrid practice that combines physical therapy with strength & performance training. She is also an adjunct neuroscience professor and is passionate about education alongside clinical practice.

Additional Details

You are required to purchase your exam and book separately, all other required materials will be provided by your instructor.  CLICK HERE to visit the ISSN’s Website to learn more about signing up for the Exam.  The recommended book for this CISSN Certification Exam Preparation Online Course is Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements by Dr. Jose Antonio.  To save money, we suggest either renting your book or purchasing it used from a website like Chegg or BookRun instead of buying new. 

You will receive two emails from Kajabi immediately after purchase, one notifying you that you now have access to the course and a second to set up your password.  

Set your password up first and then you will see the course in your account.  If you do not receive these emails or have any issues, please contact us via the Contact Us Page.

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With our exclusive partnership with the ISSN, you can purchase our Self-Led Online Course and CISSN Exam access for a reduced rate as a Professional ISSN Member. If you need to become a member, visit this link. Toggle between our Single Payment & Payment Plan Options using the buttons below.

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Client Testimonials

Kerri H.
Kerri H.GIFTED Academics Student
Read More
GIFTED Academics did an amazing job making 24 chapters of material digestible & easy to understand. Each week I was given material to go through at my own pace & practice questions to test my knowledge. This helped me tremendously with understanding a number of different topics & the specific verbiage that the CSCS uses.
Brianda V.
Brianda V.GIFTED Academics Student
Read More
GIFTED Academics has put together a structured course with video lectures, chapter outlines, review questions, and mock exams. I knew I was prepared going into the exam and passed both sections with flying colors. Whether you have an exercise physiology background or not, I highly recommend the GIFTED Academics course!
Kyle D.
Kyle D.GIFTED Academics Student
Read More
I give the GIFTED Academics Online Exam Certification Prep Course 5 stars and two thumbs up. I scored an 86 on the foundations exam and an 85 on the applied exam, and I would not have passed had it not been for this awesome course. It does not get any better than GIFTED Academics when it comes to Certification Prep!

Course Outline

Session 1

Chapter 1 – Thermodynamics, Biochemistry, & Metabolism

Chapter 5 – Molecular Biology of Exercise and Nutrition

Position Stand – Exercise & Sport Nutrition Review

Chapter 2 – Skeletal Muscle Plasticity

Chapter 3 – The Endocrinology of Resistance Exercise & Training

Chapter 4 – Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Responses to Exercise

Position Stand – Energy Drinks

Position Stand – Caffeine

Chapter 6 – Aspects of Overtraining

Chapter 7 – Principles of Exercise Training

Chapter 8 – Laboratory & Field Techniques for Measuring Performance

Chapter 9 – Practice Questions

Chapter 10 – Practice Questions

Position Stand – Beta-Alanine

Chapter 11 – An Overview of Macronutrients

Chapter 15 – Vitamins and Minerals

Position Stand – Protein & Exercise

Position Stand – Probiotics

Chapter 12 – Protein

Chapter 13 – Fat

Chapter 14 – Carbohydrates

Chapter 20 – Sports Application of Creatine

Chapter 21 – Weight Loss Ingredients

Chapter 22 – An Overview of Sports Supplements

Chapter 23 – Hormonal Supplements Legal & Illegal

Position Stand – Creatine

Position Stand – HMB

Chapter 16 – Nutritional Needs of Endurance Athletes

Chapter 17 – Nutritional Needs of Strength/Power Athletes

Position Stand – Sodium Bicarbonate & Exercise Performance

Position Stand – Meal Frequency

Chapter 27 – Nutrition Before, During, and After Exercise for the Endurance Athlete

Chapter 28 – Nutrition Before, During, and After Exercise for the Strength/Power Athlete

Position Stand – Nutrient Timing

Chapter 26 – Eating to Improve Body

Chapter 25 – Very-Low Carbohydrate Ketogenic Diets (VLCKD)

Chapter 18 – A Different Look at the Food Guide Pyramid

Position Stand – Diets & Body Composition

Chapter 19 – Special Needs of Youth, Women, and the Elderly

Chapter 24 – Special Legal Review: The Androstenedione Ban and the Criminalization of Steroid Precursors – Implications for the Sports Nutritional supplement Market

Position Stand – Nutritional considerations for Single-Stage Ultra-Marathon Training & Racing

Practice Exam

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